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Hand of an elderly holding hand of younger
March 2, 2018
How Safe are CrowdFunding Sites?

Should you be concerned when making a seemingly worthy donation on these donation sites. Dear Kim, A friend I went […]

vacation savings featured
Budget Friendly Vacationing

Here’s how to stop dreaming of a vacation and make it happen.

couples combining money
February 15, 2018
Couples Combining Finances

One of the real world aspects of being in a serious relationship is how to combine your finances, if at […]

tax refund
February 2, 2018
Planning for Your Tax Refund

How to use your tax refund to benefit you

Douglas 2017
January 31, 2018
Meet Douglas S, Navicore’s 2017 Client of the Year

From Vietnam Veteran to homeless and now climbing out of debt, his is a story of hope

bankruptcy consideration
January 29, 2018
Do all of my credit cards need to be included in my bankruptcy?

Debt reaffirming during bankruptcy explained. What you need to know.

financial goals 2017
January 12, 2018
Financial Habits to Follow in 2018

If you wish you had more money saved, less debt and more financial freedom, then begin reevaluating how you manage your money.

young happy couple in home office small
January 11, 2018
When and Why You Should Choose Credit Counseling

How can Credit Counseling Help with your Financial Situation

4 business people woman in front small
January 8, 2018
Navicore Launches ViaLink to Reduce Software Costs for their Credit Counseling Partners

Navicore Solutions has announced the launch of ViaLink, their financial counseling customer relationship management system, created for the credit counseling agencies who utilize Navicore’s Shared Service program

military car lease
December 21, 2017
How does the Servicemembers Civil Relief Act help when you’re stationed overseas?

Can you be released from a car lease if you are military personnel stationed overseas?